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Landstormers is a travel project started by Dmitry Korikov.

Whole collection of Dmitry’s photos, videos, notes and articles.


Documentary series about traveling. Currently is on post production. Launch in 2021.


Prints, books, special requests, stock photos and videos.


Best suggestions of non commercial organizations that truly change the world.

“You can! Make a first step! Join us to see it yourself! And I promise, you will change the world!”

Note from Dmitry

I start travel accidentally, fall in love with it. Everything was complicated on the beginning. Nothing came as it is at first second. But here I am. Going to have a Guinness world record for being a first person who will visit all regions, states, provinces in every country in the world. I believe in magic and so why it happens all the time in my life. Wanna see how it is so? Read. Watch. Learn. Dream. Believe. Do!